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Judge Donald R. Cassling

20 B 01252, 20 A 00352

In re Wanda M. Williams
October 15, 2020

20 B 10324

Judge LaShonda A. Hunt

17bk16894, 18ap00764
Plaintiff sought to revoke the chapter 7 discharge of debtor/defendant, his former business partner who omitted information from his Statement of Financial Affairs about company assets he possessed at the time of the bankruptcy filing.  Following a trial, the court held that plaintiff failed to meet his burden of proof with respect to fraudulent intent as required under 11 U.S.C. § 727(d)(1).

Judge David D. Cleary

14 B 34232

Chief Judge A. Benjamin Goldgar

In re Michael Hughes
December 16, 2020

18 B 11700

Judge Carol A. Doyle