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Consent to Electronic Notice and Service for Unrepresented (Pro Se) Parties

Beginning Monday, November 8, 2021, if you are an unrepresented party in a bankruptcy case or adversary proceeding, you may elect to receive electronic notice and service by e-mail whenever a filing is made in that case or proceeding. You must have a valid e-mail address which you check frequently.

If an unrepresented party signs and files a Consent for Electronic Notice and Service, the party waives the right to receive notice by United States mail and personal service. The docket will include an entry identifying the party and the e-mail address. All parties may send notice and serve documents to the unrepresented party electronically through CM/ECF. The Notice of Electronic Filing (NEF) generated by CM/ECF will reflect the parties served.

The Notice of Electronic Filing (NEF) does NOT constitute service or notice of the following documents that cannot be served electronically:

  • a sealed document;
  • an adversary complaint and summons;
  • a subpoena;
  • a notice of the meeting of creditors;
  • any other document where a statute, rule, or court order specifies a different means of service.

To view documents received electronically, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader. Documents may be viewed  through a hyperlink in the e-mail. The first viewing of the document is free. Any additional views or downloads will require a PACER account ( and may require a fee.

If your e-mail address changes or if you wish to stop electronic notice and resume notification via U.S. Mail, you must complete a new Consent form.

Each debtor in a joint case must complete a separate form.

A separate form must be filed for any related adversary proceeding or bankruptcy case.

Consent for Electronic Notice and Service in a Bankruptcy Case, (Form G-21)

Consent for Electronic Notice and Service in an Adversary Proceeding, (Form G-22)