Local Rules

As amended, Effective April 16, 2018

Noteworthy changes include the following:

Local Rule 1017-3 is amended to reflect the procedure regarding the disposition of adversary proceedings when the underlying bankruptcy case is dismissed. The rule provides that, “[w]hen a bankruptcy case is dismissed, a pending adversary proceeding arising under, arising in, or related to the case will not be dismissed unless ordered by the court.”

Local Rule 2090-5 is amended to add new subsection (A)(4), which provides that “[a]n appearance of an attorney under this Rule does not constitute the substitution or withdrawal of any other attorney who has appeared. To substitute or withdraw, an attorney must comply with Rule 2091-1.”

Local Rule 3007-1 is amended to require that, when a party makes an objection to a claim, “[a] copy of the proof of claim that is the subject of the objection must be attached.”

Local Rule 7037-1 is amended to add new subsection (B), which requires a party raising a discovery dispute to attach the specific discovery materials in dispute.

Local Rule 9013-1 is amended to add new subsection (J), which requires a moving party to send notice to a pro se party when “the court enters an order that changes the proposed order presented by the movant ... and the change affects any pro se  This rule has also been amended to define personal service via CM/ECF.

Local Rule 9029-4C is new. This rule provides a formal written procedure regarding a party who is declared a “restricted filer”.

Local Rule 9060-1 is also new. This rule provides that “parties to an adversary proceeding or contested matter need not request court approval before pursuing mediation or arbitration.”

Local Rules 3015-1 and 7020-1 have been reserved.