Administrative Orders

Administrative Order No. 20-03

Vacating Administrative Order No. 18-03 regarding the plaintiff in an adversary proceeding filing an Adversary Cover Sheet with the adversary complaint

Administrative Order No. 19-09

Reassignment of Judge Pamela S. Hollis's Cases

Revised Administrative Order No. 17-05

Order Regarding Deposit and Investment of Registry Funds

Third Revised Administrative Order No. 17-02

IT IS ORDERED that all previous versions of Administrative Order 17-02 are vacated as of the effective date of this order.

Administrative Order No. 17-01

Motions to Reopen Cases Closed to an Inactive Judge
IT IS ORDERED that all motions to reopen Cook County cases that are assigned to an inactive judge shall be filed before the Chief Judge according to the Chief Judge's motion schedule.
IT IS ORDERED that all motions to reopen outlying county cases assigned to an inactive judge shall be filed before the judge designated to serve the county.
IT IS HEREBY ORDERED that this order shall be effective January 9, 2017.

Administrative Order No. 11-01 - AMENDED

This order revises the order explaining how to obtain a refund of filing fees collected or paid in error.

Administrative Order No. 03-16

"IT IS ORDERED that effective Monday, June 23, 2003, the Clerk shall reject all petitions that do not comply with the Bankruptcy Rule 1006...


Administrative Order No. 02-19

...a fee of $5.00 will be charged per CD ROM requested from the Court...


Administrative Order No. 01-04 (1)

IT IS ORDERED that persons or classes of persons may upon written request be exempted from the access fees who are not-for-profit organizations performing pro bono mediation or legal services, voluntary ADR neutrals, academics doing research in bankruptcy, and state and federal government agencies and courts...


Administrative Order No. 01-04

"IT IS ORDERED that the Office of the United States Trustee, all Chapter 7 panel trustees, all Chapter 12 trustees, and all Chapter 13 trustees serving in the Northern District of Illinois are exempted from the fees for access to electronic data through the court’s Internet site.