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Timely Payment of Fees (ECF)

If you fail to pay your fees by the end of the day you will be prevented from further e-filing until all fees are paid. You may pay your fees at any time by running the “Internet Fees Due” report which is found under the CM/ECF “Utilities Menu”.

Continued failure to pay these fees may result in the case being dismissed, pursuant to 11 U. S. C. § 707 (a) (2), or an order to show cause entered against you as the attorney of record for failure to pay the required fees.

We are aware of some problems users have experienced when attempting to pay the required fees on-line. This may be due to the following problems:

1. “Cookies” and other Internet files: Your computer and Internet browser software attempt to optimize your use of the Internet by saving information about the sites you visit in these specialized files. On occasion the computer will become confused as to which is correct and most current, the data coming from the web site or the local cookie and Internet files. When this happens the best thing to do is to clear (delete) the cookie and Internet files.

2. “Pop-up Blockers”: Many firms and attorneys use a type of software product called a “Pop-up Blocker”. As the name implies the software will block pop-up advertisements from appearing on your computer. Unfortunately, the prompts to make your payments on the courts system is presented to you using the pop-up method. When the pop-up blocker is turned on, the Payment Information screen will not be displayed. In order to make payments in CM/ECF, you will need to allow pop-up windows to display. Activating and deactivating the pop-up blocker can vary from one software product to another. Use of your software is best explained to you by your technical support.

3. This application was developed by the U.S. Treasury and is the service used by all Bankruptcy Courts to process transactions over the internet. has experienced processing difficulties from time to time, though most have been of less than an hour’s duration. These failures prevent you from paying the filing fee at the time you are filing. If this occurs we ask that you continue filing and make your payment later in the day.

If you are experiencing any other technical problems please call the ECF Help Desk at 312- 408-7765.