Judge Donald R. Cassling

Courtroom 619
Chambers: (312) 435-6056

Courtroom Deputy: (312) 435-7576

Everett McKinley Dirksen United States Courthouse
219 South Dearborn Street
Chambers 656
Chicago, IL 60604
Trials and Motion Calls Prior to November 7, 2022:
Until November 7, 2022, the Sixth Amended General Order No. 20-03 will continue to govern motion call procedures. All matters will be heard remotely using the Zoom for Government platform. Details on how to appear via Zoom for Government are in the Sixth Amended General Order No. 20-03 dated April 19, 2022.  Motions noticed for presentment must use the notice of motion form attached to the Sixth Amended General Order No. 20-03.
Motion Calls After November 6, 2022:
The Court will resume in-court operations and will use a hybrid in-person/video scheme for motion calls.  Attorneys and parties will be able to appear on a motion either in person in the courtroom or by video using Zoom for Government.  Motions noticed for presentment on or after November 7 must use the notice of motion form available as Local Form G-3 on the Court’s web site.  See Announcement dated September 23, 2022.
Trials After November 6, 2022:
Starting November 7, 2022, all trials before Judge Cassling will be conducted in Court.  Parties may request to appear through Zoom for Government due to extenuating circumstances, but moving counsel must file a motion.
Important:  Face masks must be worn in Judge Cassling’s courtroom and all persons appearing in person must adhere to three feet of social distancing.
Zoom for Government can be accessed at www.zoomgov.com.  The meeting ID and passcode below will be used for all motion calls and regularly scheduled hearings:
Meeting ID: 161 414 7941
Passcode: 619

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