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NextGen Information

NextGen is coming May 24, 2021!

NextGen is the culmination of a multi-year project headed by the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts to provide for the current and future filing and case management needs of all CM/ECF users.  The NextGen system will provide users with several benefits, including the ability to maintain a single login and password for electronic filing and PACER access in all federal courts (bankruptcy, district and appellate). This central sign-on feature allows access to all courts in which you have permission to file.
Note: You will continue to use your CM/ECF login and password to file electronically in CM/ECF courts that have not completed the transition to NextGen.  To see a list of the courts currently using NextGen CM/ECF, click here.  Eventually, NextGen CM/ECF will be instituted in all federal courts (bankruptcy, district, and appellate).