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Mailing Register Federal and State Governmental Units

Updated April 30, 2024

Department of the Treasury
Internal Revenue Service
PO Box 7346
Philadelphia PA 19101-7346
Serving the IRS in ILNB Cases

Illinois Department of Employment Security
Benefit Payment Control Division
P O Box 4385
Chicago IL 60680

Illinois Department of Revenue
Bankruptcy Unit
P O Box 19035
Springfield IL 62794-9035

Illinois Student Assistance Commission
Bankruptcy Department
1755 Lake Cook Road
Deerfield IL 60015

Social Security Administration
Office of the General Counsel Office of Program Litigation
Attn: Bankruptcy
6401 Security Boulevard
Baltimore MD 21235

United States Environmental Protection Agency, Region 5
Emily Lane
Bankruptcy Contact
Mail Code C14J
77 W Jackson Blvd
Chicago IL 60604-3507

U.S. Small Business Administration
Illinois District Office
Attn: Sameena Nabijee
332 S. Michigan Ave,
Suite 600
Chicago, IL 60604

Bankruptcy Rule 5003 (e), "Register of Mailing Addresses of Federal and State Governmental Units and Certain Taxing Authorities" states:

“The clerk shall keep, in the form and manner as the Director of the Administrative Office of the United States Courts may prescribe, a register that includes these mailing addresses, but the clerk is not required to include in the register more than one mailing address for each department, agency, or instrumentality of the United States or the state or territory. If more than one address for a department, agency, or instrumentality is included in the register, the clerk shall also include information that would enable a user of the register to determine the circumstances when each address is applicable, and mailing notice to only one applicable address is sufficient to provide effective notice. The clerk shall update the register annually, effective January 2 of each year. The mailing address in the register is conclusively presumed to be a proper address for the governmental unit, but the failure to use that mailing address does not invalidate any notice that is otherwise effective under applicable law.”

If yours is a qualifying federal or state governmental unit and you wish to add or update your address, please send an email to