Judge Deborah L. Thorne

Courtroom 613
Chambers: (312) 706-1805

Courtroom Deputy: (312) 435-5645

Everett McKinley Dirksen United States Courthouse
219 South Dearborn Street
Chambers 668
Chicago, IL 60604
Judge Thorne’s Wednesday, July 28th call will begin at 9:00AM and be modified as follows:
9:00AM - New Trustee Motions
9:30AM - New Attorney and Pro Se Motions
10:00AM - Continued Motions and Set Matters
10:30AM - Confirmations
All original motions scheduled for 1:00PM and 1:30PM will need to be re-noticed for 9:00AM and 9:30AM.
Beginning October 13, 2020, all of Judge Thorne’s court calls will be held via Zoom for Government in accordance with the Third Amended General order 20-03.  The meeting ID below will be used for all motion calls.  This notice of motion must be used.
For more information click here
Meeting ID:  160 9362 1728
To join the ZoomGov Meeting:
-Join by website:  https://www.zoomgov.com/join
-Join by phone:  (669) 254-5252 or (646) 828-7666


Staff Information

Jodi Bennett
Judicial Assistant

Lester Smith
Courtroom Deputy

Jake Andreasen
Law Clerk

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