Judge Thomas M. Lynch

Courtroom 3100
Chambers: (815) 987-4366
Courtroom Deputy: (779) 772-8619
Law Clerk John Hardison: (779) 772-8618
Law Clerk Paul Maurer: (779) 772-8616

U.S. Courthouse
327 South Church Street
Chambers 4100
Rockford, IL  61101
Beginning October 13, 2020, all of Judge Lynch’s regular court calls will be held via Zoom for Government in accordance with the Third Amended General Order No. 20-03.
In order to appear on Zoom for Government, use the following meeting ID and passcode:
Meeting ID:  160 291 5226
Passcode:  852255
This form Notice of Motion must be used.  If a motion noticed for presentment on or after October 13, 2020, has already been filed, it is the movant’s obligation to file and serve an amended notice of motion using this form.


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