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Courtroom Technology

The United States Bankruptcy Court for the Northern District of Illinois provides the following technologies in the courtrooms.  It should be noted that factors outside the direct control of the court may influence the availability and reliability of any of the below-mentioned technologies:

Telephonic Participation

All courtrooms are equipped with the ability to join multiple parties by telephonic audio.  The use of this feature is at the sole discretion of the Judge.  Further, interested parties are advised to consult each judge’s web page for any policies and procedures regarding telephonic appearances.  Parties wishing to participate telephonically must make arrangements with the respective judge’s courtroom deputy.

Assistive Listening System

All courtrooms are equipped with infrared (IR) wireless assistive listening systems with a limited number of headsets.  Parties wishing to use this feature should consult with the respective courtroom deputy.

Public WiFi Access

As a courtesy, public WiFi access is available in all courtrooms.  The public WiFi is an open, unsecured network, and its use is subject to risks inherent with any open WiFi network.