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The Bankruptcy court for the Northern District of Illinois offers a database of opinions listed by year and judge. For a more detailed search, enter the keyword or case number in the search box above.

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Judge A. Benjamin Goldgar
Date Issuedsort ascending Description
09/24/2003 In re Robert A. Holstein ;Jeffrey M. Goldberg & Associates, Ltd. v. Robert A. Holstein

00 B 18138, 00 A 00876

07/31/2003 In re Alonzo Commings and Joann Commings

02 B 42477

05/27/2003 In re Luis Gonzalez, Jr

02 B 48045

Chief Judge Jacqueline P. Cox
Date Issuedsort ascending Description
08/22/2003 In re Evelyn Watkins

03 B 21660

Secured creditor filed a motion requesting relief from the automatic stay in order to pursue its state law rights and remedies with respect to the debtor’s car that was stolen and totaled pre-petition. It additionally requested an order pursuant to Bankruptcy Rule 9013...

07/23/2003 In re: Fred Amoakohene

03 B 07231

A chapter 7 debtor moved to compel mortgagee to enter into a reaffirmation agreement that alleged, among other things, that his mortgage payments were current. Mortgagee filed a cross motion for modification of the automatic stay, which alleged a default on the mortgage,...

06/10/2003 In re Earsline Giddens

02 B 41591

Tax sale purchaser obtained a tax deed for property owned by the debtor and transferred the tax deed to a land trust for the benefit of a third party. The debtor’s interest was not recorded. The third party used this interest to secure a loan with a finance company. The...