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The Bankruptcy court for the Northern District of Illinois offers a database of opinions listed by year and judge. For a more detailed search, enter the keyword or case number in the search box above.

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Judge A. Benjamin Goldgar
Date Issuedsort ascending Description
05/31/2006 In re Federalpha Steel LLC;Federalpha Steel LLC Creditors’ Trust v. Federal Pipe & Steel Corporation; Russel Metals, Inc.; FA Steel Management, Inc.,; Gilles Leroux,; Sylvain Garneau,; Wirth Limited,; and Sunbelt Group, LLP

03 B 43059, 05 A 00978

05/24/2006 In re Polo Builders, Inc.; David R. Brown, Trustee v. Real Estate Resource Management, LLC, Bharat Khotari, and Vasile Sava

04 B 23758, 04 A 04032

05/12/2006 In re Chris Hansen; Joel A. Schechter, Trustee v. 5841 Building Corporation; APMC Oil Company, Inc; and Richard Stiefel

02 B 33776, 04 A 03438

04/24/2006 In re Lee Litas; John Hancock Life Insurance Co. (U.S.A.), f/k/a The Manufacturers Life Insurance Co. (U.S.A.) v. Litas

05 B 34536,05 A 02637

04/19/2006 In re Patrick and Kim Del Monico

04 B 38235

04/17/2006 In re Kevin G. Conroy and Rhea Jan Conroy; O’Hare Midway Limousine Service, Inc. and O’Hare Midway Limousine Service, Inc. #3 v. Kevin G. Conroy

05 B 26056, 05 A 02058

03/07/2006 In re Todd S. Scott

05 B 10001

02/15/2006 In re Patrick and Kim Del Monico

04 B 38235

01/27/2006 In re Louis John Menges, III; Christine Menges v. Louis John Menges, III

05 B 08748, 05 A 14157

01/27/2006 In re Ernie Rizzo; Earl Merritt v. Ernie Rizzo

04 B 24507, 04 A 03755

01/18/2006 In re Virginia Scott

05 B 16227, 05 A 01677

12/23/2005 In re Delta Phones, Inc

04 B 00823, 05 A 01205

12/02/2005 In re Avie Cohen

04 B 11482, 04 A 04016

08/26/2005 In re Karissa S. Blair

03 B 43122, 03 A 04824

08/12/2005 In re Albert Paul Christensen

04 B 17486, 04 A 03646

Chief Judge Jacqueline P. Cox
Date Issuedsort ascending Description
05/03/2006 In re Teknek, LLC; Lawrence Fisher, Trustee v. Tekena USA, LLC et al.

05 B 27545, 06 A 00412

Defendant corporation and its four shareholders moved to vacate a temporary restraining order and the appointment of a receiver. Movants argued that the court committed legal error in justifying the receivership by applying facts pertaining to the alleged...

03/28/2006 In re National Steel Corporation; NSC Creditor Trust v. BSI Alloys Inc.

02 B 08699, 04 A 01322

Creditor’s Trust created under a confirmed chapter 11 plan moved for partial summary judgment on its adversary proceeding seeking avoidance under 11 U.S.C. § 547(b) of three pre-petition transfers the debtor made to the defendant. The defendant argued that the...

10/31/2005 In re Mid-City Parking, Inc.

04 B 45177

Creditor requested an award of costs and attorneys’ fees it incurred when the debtor-in -possession filed a notice of appeal without first seeking a modification of the automatic stay imposed by 11 U.S.C. § 362(a). The court held that a trustee, or a debtor-in-possession,...

08/25/2005 In re Otha Isaac Special Note: two related, successive opinions regarding Chapter 13 plan confirmation (August 25, 2005 and November 16, 2005)

05 B 13874

In re Otha Isaac Special Note: two related, successive opinions regarding Chapter 13 plan confirmation The holder of mortgages on three separate parcels of property owned by the debtor objected to confirmation of her chapter 13 plan because it incorrectly listed the amount...

07/08/2005 In re Diane Logan; Central Credit Union of Illinois v Logan

03 B 13825, 04 A 01861

In re Dianne Logan Creditor brought an adversary proceeding against this chapter 7 debtor requesting that the debt the debtor incurred borrowing money from it to purchase a car be excepted from her discharge under 11 U.S.C. §§ 523(a)(2), (a)(4) & (a)(6). The...