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The Bankruptcy court for the Northern District of Illinois offers a database of opinions listed by year and judge. For a more detailed search, enter the keyword or case number in the search box above.

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Judge A. Benjamin Goldgar
Date Issuedsort descending Description
04/19/2006 In re Patrick and Kim Del Monico

04 B 38235

04/24/2006 In re Lee Litas; John Hancock Life Insurance Co. (U.S.A.), f/k/a The Manufacturers Life Insurance Co. (U.S.A.) v. Litas

05 B 34536,05 A 02637

05/12/2006 In re Chris Hansen; Joel A. Schechter, Trustee v. 5841 Building Corporation; APMC Oil Company, Inc; and Richard Stiefel

02 B 33776, 04 A 03438

05/24/2006 In re Polo Builders, Inc.; David R. Brown, Trustee v. Real Estate Resource Management, LLC, Bharat Khotari, and Vasile Sava

04 B 23758, 04 A 04032

05/31/2006 In re Federalpha Steel LLC;Federalpha Steel LLC Creditors’ Trust v. Federal Pipe & Steel Corporation; Russel Metals, Inc.; FA Steel Management, Inc.,; Gilles Leroux,; Sylvain Garneau,; Wirth Limited,; and Sunbelt Group, LLP

03 B 43059, 05 A 00978

06/21/2006 In re Polo Builders, Inc.; David R. Brown, Trustee v. Real Estate Resource Management, LLC, Bharat Khotari, and Vasile Sava (Modified opinion)

04 B 23758, 04 A 04032

08/04/2006 In re Tom Fidanovski and Svetlana Fidanovski; Kennicott Brothers Co. v. Fidanovski

05 B 37453, 05 A 02716

08/21/2006 In re Charles Allan Rey and Dolores Ann Rey (substantively consolidated with Nos. 04 B 22548 and 06 B 4487)

04 B 35040

09/15/2006 In re Carolyn Farrar-Johnson and Ronnie Nelson

06 B 03089

09/28/2006 In re Ahmad I. Kleit ;First Equity Card Corp. v. Kleit

05 B 22481, 05 A 01982

10/04/2006 In re Mark J. Hodges; Mark J. Hodges v. CIT Group,; GreenPoint Mortgage,; North Fork Bancorporation, Inc.,; Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems,; and Allegiance Mortgage Corp.

05 B 62676, 06 A 00683

11/17/2006 In re International Zinc Coating & Chemicals Corp.

06 B 01373

12/13/2006 In re Victor Romm; Pearle Vision, Inc., and Pearle, Inc. v. Romm

05 B 46897, 06 A 00069

03/14/2007 In re Commercial Loan Corp.; CLC Creditors’ Grantor Trust v. Sonnenschein Nath & Rosenthal LLP; Kenneth G. Kolmin; Gordon P. Paulson; and Thomas McQueen

04 B 18946, 06 A 01530

05/10/2007 In re Arlington Hospitality, Inc., et al.

05 B 34885

Chief Judge Jacqueline P. Cox
Date Issuedsort descending Description
05/03/2006 In re Teknek, LLC; Lawrence Fisher, Trustee v. Tekena USA, LLC et al.

05 B 27545, 06 A 00412

Defendant corporation and its four shareholders moved to vacate a temporary restraining order and the appointment of a receiver. Movants argued that the court committed legal error in justifying the receivership by applying facts pertaining to the alleged...

07/20/2006 In re Laura Flores

06 B 02169

Prior to the petition date, the debtor’s non-filing spouse obtained title to property for which he executed a note secured by a mortgage which included an anti-modification provision. He later transferred title to his wife who did not assume the payment obligations of the...

10/16/2006 In re Teknek, LLC; Phillip Levey, Trustee v. Sheila Hamilton et al.

05 B 27545, 06 A 00412

In re Teknek, LLC; Phillip Levey, Trustee v. Sheila Hamilton et al. Defendants, who are citizens of the United Kingdom, moved to dismiss Trustee’s adversary complaint for lack of personal jurisdiction or, in the alternative, on grounds of forum non conveniens....

02/28/2007 In re Meridee Hodges

05 B 46676

The debtor objected to the claim of the Social Security Administration (SSA) that she owed it $38,878.40 for overpayment of disability benefits. The SSA's motion to dismiss the claim objection was granted because debtor did not exhaust her administrative remedies by first...

02/28/2007 In re James S. Economou; Ft. Myers Historic, L.P. v. James S. Economou, et al

05 B 13171, 05 A 1582

An attorney was ordered to produce documents sought by subpoena in relation to his representation of 2 debtors. The court declined to order disclosure based on the common interest exception to the attorney- client privilege because the clients did not jointly seek...