Procedural Clarification for Filing Chapter 13 Fee Applications

Friday, December 10, 2004

Effective Immediately
Based on the Standing Order effective December 1, 2004, the following procedural guidelines clarify how this document should be filed.

The Notice of Motion, should reflect the Confirmation Hearing Date, if initial request.
Follow the guidelines in the General Order on Service. See link below.

Chapter 13 Fee Application
Use the latest version, dated 07/12/04. Type the attorney's name and Bar ID under the Signature line. Do not include an additional Motion. The Chapter 13 Fee Application serves as the motion for both initial and post-confirmation requests.

If Itemization is submitted, use the approved form and include as an attachment.
If the Model Retention Agreement is submitted, use the approved form and include as an attachment.

Note: It is only necessary to attach the Model Retention Agreement if the Judge has requested that it be filed. Also, please do not file the Model Retention Agreement with the petition. If required, it should be filed with the Chapter 13 Fee Application, so the Judge has all pertinent documents to consider when awarding fees.

If an Affidavit is submitted, include as an attachment.

Attach a Proposed Order, using the approved form, and a minute order.

This procedure applies to all Chapter 13 Fee Applications: initial requests and requests for postconfirmation fees.

Copies of the approved forms are available on the Court’s web site.

For our ECF Filers:
Please use the event, Compensation with Notice of Motion and docket any additional documents as attachments, as described above.

This change is being made to standardize the filing and docketing process under CM/ECF.
Please click on this link to review the details of this change, as well as other revised documentation.

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