Procedural Change in Filing Objection to Confirmation

Friday, November 19, 2004

Effective Monday, November 15, 2004, we implemented a change in how an Objection to Confirmation should be filed. The document should be titled Objection to Confirmation of Plan. You should also accompany the Objection with a Notice of Filing. There is no need to schedule a hearing date as all Objections will be heard at the Confirmation Hearing.

The document should NOT be filed as a Motion or combined with any other Motion. This change is being made to standardize the filing and docketing process under CM/ECF.

If you attach a proposed order, it should be titled Order Confirming Plan or Order Denying Confirmation. Please do not submit any proposed orders titled Order Sustaining or Overruling Objection.

For our ECF filers, please click on the following link to review the details of this change as well as other revised documentation. roboinfo

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