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New Local and Model Forms

Thursday, June 30, 2022

The bankruptcy court has adopted three new local forms as well as a new model form. The forms are described below and are available at the links:

1.  Forms G-3 and G-3.1:  Notices of Motion

Local Forms G-3 and G-3.1 are new notice-of-motions forms designed for use with the hybrid in-person/video motion practice that will take effect when the COVID public health emergency ends and General Order No. 20-03 is vacated. Local Form G-3 is for ordinary motions. Local Form G-3.1 is for emergency motions. The forms are referenced in Local Rules 9013-1(C)(1) and 9013-2(E)(2)(a). Use of the forms will be mandatory.

2.  Form 13-16:  Motion for Entry of Discharge and Certification of Plan Completion

Local Form 13-16 is a new form for use in Chapter 13 cases. The form is (1) a certification from the debtor that all plan payments have been made and other requirements for discharge have been met, and (2) a motion from the debtor for entry of discharge.

3.  Model Lift-Stay Order

The bankruptcy court has approved a model lift-stay order to make it easier for lawyers to prepare draft orders for all the judges. Because the order is only a model, not a Local Form, its use is encouraged but not required. Movants are also free to modify the form as needed -- for example, by adding a provision lifting the co-debtor stay in a chapter 13 case or withdrawing the movant’s claim.