New Case Filing Process

Monday, January 3, 2005

Effective January 3, 2005 all documents commencing either a bankruptcy case (petition, lists, schedules, statements, plans, installment agreements, declarations) or adversary proceeding (complaint, cover sheet, summons), not filed via the internet must be submitted on a computer diskette, CDROM, or DVD. The accuracy and completeness of these documents shall be the total responsibility of the debtor and debtor’s attorney. View Filing Requirements.

Pro se filers are exempt from this requirement.

For your convenience the court has made most of these forms available on our Bankruptcy Forms Web Page , in a fillable PDF format. Instructions on how to create a PDF document and bookmarks may be obtained from our ECF User’s Manual. Search for PDF and then select Creating PDF and, or Creating Bookmarks in a PDF document.

In order to insure that the documents you file can be properly processed by the computer system, we ask that you observe the guidelines attached to this notice. Your cooperation is essential in helping us make improvements to our system and better serve you - the public.

Request for Waiver of the Diskette, CDROM, or DVD

If financial constraints and/or the inability to access the equipment necessary to produce a computer diskette would cause an undue hardship on the debtor, a motion must be presented to the Chief Judge.