Information for Hearings via Zoom for Judge Baer (effective October 13, 2020)

Friday, October 2, 2020

Beginning October 13, 2020, Judge Baer will use Zoom for Government for all regularly scheduled court calls. Details on how to connect via Zoom are in the Third Amended General Order No. 20-03 dated September 28, 2020. Motions noticed for presentment on and after October 13, 2020 must use the applicable notice of motion form attached to the Third Amended General Order, and the notice of motion must contain the applicable Meeting ID and Passcode.

The Meeting ID and Passcode for the regularly scheduled hearings is as follows: Meeting ID: 160 731 2971.  Passcode: 587656. These numbers are also posted on the Court’s Chicago and Geneva Schedules. The Meeting ID and Passcode for trials and other specially scheduled matters will be unique to those events. Those unique numbers will be posted on the Court's Chicago or Geneva schedules, as appropriate.