Creditor Matrix on Diskette

Friday, May 30, 2003

The following changes will be effective with the implementation of the CM portion of CM/ECF, or mandated with the implementation of the new Local Rules effective June 1, 2003. The court will be implementing the CM portion of CM/ECF on June 16, 2003.

There will be some small differences in the appearance of the screens an Internet user will use to access the court’s case dockets and document images. You may view a tutorial of the new process by clicking on the following hypertext link:


Creditor Matrix on Diskette
Local Rule 1007-1

The debtor shall prepare and submit to the Court, at the time a voluntary petition under any chapter is filed, a mailing matrix on computer diskette which complies with the computerized noticing guidelines. Click here to review the current specifications. Upon motion for cause shown, the court may excuse compliance. Pro se debtors are exempt from this rule.

You may submit a sample, or test diskette to the court in advance of our CM live date to verify that you and or your software are able to properly create a Creditor Matrix Diskette.

Please direct your sample diskettes and any questions to Arnaldo Rivera, Customer Service Manager. His telephone number is 312 435-6869.

Assignment of Related Cases
Local Rule 1015-1

For purposes of assignment, a case shall be assigned to the judge of a previously assigned case under the following circumstances:

if the debtor’s spouse has filed a case and it is still pending; or

if a case was previously commenced by or against the same debtor and is still pending; or

the debtor was a debtor in a previous case under Chapter 11 of the Bankruptcy Code; or

the cases involve persons or entities that are affiliates as defined in §101(2) of the Bankruptcy Code.

Notice of Amendments to Voluntary Petitions, Lists or Schedules; Notice to Creditors Added After First Notice is Mailed
Local Rule 1009-1

The debtor shall serve amendments to voluntary petitions, lists or schedules under Fed. R. Bankr. P. 1009 (a) on all creditors, the trustee, and in a Chapter 11 case, on the United States Trustee and any official committee of unsecured creditors, and shall file a proof of such service with the clerk. In addition, if the debtor adds any creditors to the schedules after the first notice of the meeting of creditors under §341 or 1104(b) of the Bankruptcy Code has been mailed, the debtor shall serve each such creditor, by first-class or certified mail, with a copy of the original notice of the meeting of creditors, and shall file a proof of such service with the clerk.

341 Notices on Chapter 13 Petitions

The Clerk’s Office will schedule 341 Meetings and Confirmation Hearings upon the filing of the petition. Notice will be issued even if the Chapter 13 Plan is not filed.

Chapter 13 Plans and Amended Plans

The Clerk’s Office will send a copy of the plan or amended plan to all creditors and parties in interest.

Chapter 11 Claim Register

The Claim Register will only list proofs of claim that have been filed with the Clerk’s Office. A claim record will no longer be created based on the claim amounts listed in the schedules.


Conversion by One Debtor Under a Joint Petition
Local Rule 1019-1

When only one of two joint debtors in a joint petition files a notice of intent or motion to convert, upon payment of any required additional filing fees, the clerk shall divide the case into two separate cases and assign a case number to the new case. The debtor seeking to convert his or her case shall give notice to the other joint debtor as well as all other parties entitled to notice under the Bankruptcy Code and Bankruptcy Rules, and shall be responsible for the payment of all required fees. Each debtor shall file within 15 days of division of the case all necessary amendments to the schedules and statement of financial affairs.

New Case Number Format

You will not be required to change the way you display the case number on your pleadings. You will notice a difference in the way the new system will display case numbers on some screens. Case and party data for the Eastern and Western Divisions will be consolidated in CM/ECF. The following outlines what each part of the new, fully distinguished, case number represents.


1 = Office Code, 1 for Chicago and 3 for Rockford
2 = colon
3 and 4 = the year the case was filed during
5 = hyphen
6 and 7 = Case Type,
8 = hyphen
9 - 13 = five digit case number

Bankruptcy = BK
Split Cases = BK
Adversary Proceeding = AP
Miscellaneous Proceeding = MP