The Court has Reorganized its Local Forms

Thursday, June 7, 2018

The court has reorganized its local forms. The forms have now been grouped and numbered to make them easier to find. Except for a fillable version of Official Form 113 (the national chapter 13 plan) and an IRS form, any forms that duplicated national forms have been eliminated.

Tips on using fillable local forms:

(1) Do not alter the underlying template of the form.
(2) Do not complete a fillable form, print it, and then scan it. Once the form has been completed, use the Adobe Acrobat “save as” function to give the form a name of your choosing.
(3) Do not use the same form order over and over, changing only the debtor information and then saving to the same or even a new name. Create a new order each time.
(4) Do not add the word "Proposed" to the title of a proposed order.
(5) Do not edit information on a form using a version of Adobe Acrobat earlier than the version used to create the original.