CM/ECF System Outage: 06/16/06 - 06/18/06

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The court will be installing a new version of CM/ECF the weekend of June 16 - 18. To accomplish this CM/ECF will be removed from service at 4:00 P.M., Friday June 16th. Service is expected to be restored by Saturday evening the 17th.
There are many parts to this upgrade. Under best circumstances service may be restored as early as Saturday afternoon. Under less than ideal circumstances we may not have things back in service until Sunday. We will send a message to you when the system is up, but you may also test for system availability by logging in any time after Saturday noon.
If you wish to try the new version of CM/ECF you may do so by visiting and logging-in. The same login name and password you use in our Live area will work in the Test area. Please be certain you are in the Test area. Click here to view a screenshot. If the screen you see does not look like the screenshot DO NOT perform any data entry If you or your organization have developed any automated processes used with CM/ECF we strongly urge you to test them in our Test area before you use them with this new version of CM/ECF.
Thank you for attention and understanding.