Changes and Clarifications to Certain Motions Events in CM/ECF

Monday, December 3, 2012

The following motions events are available for filers to use whenever they wish tor request that an order or judgment be modified. All of these events will allow a filer to relate to an order or judgment. The Motion to Amend can no longer be used to request modification of an order. Please choose the event that matches the title of your PDF.

Motion to Alter/Amend Judgment/Order/New Trial (Bk RuleĀ 9023)
Motion for Relief from Judgment/Order (Bk Rule 9024)
Motion to Vacate Order
Motion to Vacate Dismissal
Motion to Vacate Discharge
Motion to Dismiss Case and Vacate Discharge

The Motion to Redact Filing per Rule 9037(a) has been modified so that only the filer of the motion and Court personnel can view the motion and attachments. This will insure that any private information that may be included in the motion or any attachments is not available to the public.
External users, other than the filer, who try to view the motion will now see the message:
The document is not available.

Changes have been posted in our External Procedures Manual at