Change in Delivery of 341 Notice for Debtor's Attorneys With Implementation of Version 4.1 of CM/ECF

Monday, October 31, 2011

After the court updates to Version 4.1 of CM/ECF over the Veterans day weekend, November 10th through November 13th, there will be a change in how the debtor's attorney will receive 341 notices for their client's cases. Currently, debtors' attorneys receive the section 341 notice by notice of electronic filing (NEF) with the debtor's redacted Social Security number (SSN) [last four digits], and by U.S. Mail through the Bankruptcy Noticing Center (BNC) with the debtor's full SSN [all nine digits].

Once the Bankruptcy Court migrates to Version 4.1, debtors' attorneys will no longer receive the paper copy of the section 341(a) notice currently sent through the U.S. Mail. Instead, the BNC will send debtors' attorneys an email containing a secure hyperlink to the unredacted section 341 notice in lieu of the paper notice. The BNC will send one summary email per day containing hyperlinks to one or more notices (for example, an attorney filing five cases on the same day should expect to receive one email containing hyperlinks to the notices in all five cases). Each hyperlink will provide one free look to the full section 341(a) notice for that case.

This change is being made nationally as Courts migrate to Version 4.1

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