Beta Version of New Website for U. S. Bankruptcy Court, ILNB

Friday, February 22, 2013

The Court has created a new Internet Website which is compliant with a national, standard website template. This template was developed in response to feedback received from court constituents expressing that consistency in design would improve one's ability to navigate to necessary information. Court sites based on the template are not identical, but by organizing data in a similar manner it is hoped that the visitor experience will be improved.

On Monday, February 25, 2013 the Bankruptcy Court will provide access to its new site in "Beta" fashion. This means the new site will be available concurrently with the present Live site, While the information provided on the Beta site,,  is nearly identical to the "Live" site, it is, nevertheless, Beta. The point of offering this preview is many fold.

1. Provide the public an advanced look;
2. Solicit suggestions, please note the Feedback Panel on the Main Page;
3. Clarify any information that is unclear.

As stated above, during Beta some information is still evolving. Among these is an improved Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) facility. Until the Beta site replaces the Live please use the Live site, as the authoritative site.

The Beta site will become the Court's official Internet site once suggestions have been analyzed and where possible, effectuated, with the approval of the Judges.

Thank you for your attention and suggestions.