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Bankruptcy court to resume use of video (limited to parties and counsel) for motion calls

Tuesday, June 27, 2023

The bankruptcy court will shortly resume allowing appearances for motion calls by video as well as audio. To comply with judiciary policy, only parties and their attorneys will be able to appear remotely. No remote electronic access to motion calls will be available for the public. Members of the public who want to observe bankruptcy court motion calls will be able to do so in person in each judge’s courtroom in the Dirksen and Roszkowski Federal Courthouses.

To limit remote electronic access, parties and attorneys will not be admitted to motion calls automatically but will first be placed in the Zoom-for-Government platform’s “waiting room.” Staff will then admit parties and attorneys from the waiting room. To ensure admittance, parties and attorneys must identify themselves by name on Zoom, using the “rename” function if necessary. No one will be admitted to a motion call unless the person is identified by name.

No recording or photographing of remote electronic court proceedings is permitted.

The date when video motion calls will resume depends on the judge, but the court intends to resume using video as soon as practicable.