Application to Pay Filing Fee in Installments

Friday, July 1, 2005

Effective Immediately.
Application for permission to pay filing fee in installments is now accepted for electronically filed cases (ECF).
The requirements to file a case electronically and pay the fee in installments are:
File an application, Official Bankruptcy Form 3, stating that the debtor is unable to pay
the filing fee except in installments. The application shall state the proposed terms of the
installments payments and the applicant has neither paid any money nor transferred any
property to an attorney for services in connection with the case. The application may be
completed with a “/s/” in place of the debtor’s signature and filed as a PDF.
The Declaration Regarding Electronic Filing must be filed and signed by the debtor.
Failure to:
• File an Application to Pay Filing Fee in Installments, in accordance with Local Rule 1006-1,
• File a Declaration Regarding Electronic Filing, or
• Pay the initial installment amount will result in the case being referred to the assigned judge for resolution.
Subsequent installment payments must be mailed to the Clerk’s Office or paid in person at theIntake Counter.