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Announcement Regarding Chapter 13 Cases

Monday, January 10, 2000

One of the goals of Chief Judge Sonderby is to take a fresh look at our processes and procedures to determine if they can be improved, streamlined or simplified by making greater use of our computers and the court's Web site.

One example is that some important case information does not appear on the Web site in chapter 13 cases, such as claimants, creditors and images of proof of claim forms.

To increase the information available to our customers and reduce the flow of paper between the clerk's office and the standing trustees, the clerk's office will begin imaging proof of claim forms in chapter 13 cases, preparing and sending notices to creditors and other parties, and maintaining the claim's register on all chapter 13 cases filed on and after January 3, 2000. The standing trustees will continue to perform these functions on chapter 13 cases filed before this date.

If a chapter 13 plan is submitted with the petition, the section 341 meeting date and confirmation hearing date will be assigned when the case is filed. Notices will be sent to all parties within a week of filing. A copy of the plan and a proof of claim form will be included with the notice. All claims will be recorded and imaged and available for viewing on our Web site (,

To facilitate the docketing and imaging of the chapter 13 plan, please submit the plan as a separate document. Do not attach it to the petition. An original and 2 copies of the plan are required.

If a petition is filed without a plan, but within the 15 days required by FRBP 3015(b), the section 341 meeting date and confirmation hearing date will be assigned and a notice sent to all parties within a week of the filing of the plan.

Failure to file a plan timely in accordance with FRBP 3015(b) may result in the dismissal of the case.

Kenneth S. Gardner
Bankruptcy Clerk
Northern District of Illinois