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The Bankruptcy court for the Northern District of Illinois offers a database of opinions listed by year and judge. For a more detailed search, enter the keyword or case number in the search box above.

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Judge Janet S. Baer
Date Issuedsort descending Description
04/18/2013 In re: Michael C. James

After his chapter 13 case was dismissed without a plan being confirmed, the debtor moved to compel the trustee to release funds he was holding in payment to the debtor’s attorney, alleging that section 1326(a)(2) of the Bankruptcy Code mandates the disbursement of those funds. The issue...

05/09/2013 In re Mercedes Cervantes; Cervantes v. HBLC, Inc.

12 B 26295, 12 A 01630

The Court held that wages withheld pre-petition under an Illinois Citation to Discover Assets, and an order for installment payment of judgment, are not exempt assets and thus may not be recovered by the debtor as a preferential transfer. Personal property...

07/03/2013 In re Darryl and Tonja Hall; Hall v. Brendan Financial, Inc.

12 B 07352, 12 A 00765

The debtors filed an adversary proceeding to determine the nature and extent of creditor’s lien on their residence. The Court found that the creditor’s third priority lien was wholly unsecured and thus subject to being stripped off the debtors’ residence and...

08/02/2013 In re Briseno; Briseno v. Mutual Federal Savings and Loan Association

12 B 02903, 12 A 00440, 12 A 00441
Pro se debtors commenced two adversary proceedings to determine the value of two pieces of real property and to strip down the unsecured portions of the first mortgage liens on those properties pursuant to §§ 506(a) and 1322(b)(2).  The debtors also...

Chief Judge Jacqueline P. Cox
Date Issuedsort descending Description
04/26/2013 In re Shelia L. Martin

09 B 42237

In this Chapter 13 proceeding, the Court granted the Debtor’s motion for sanctions, after a Mortgagee continued to collect the mortgage payments from both the Debtor and the Trustee despite the Court’s approval of a loan modification agreement. The Court’s opinion...

06/19/2013 In re 1555 Wabash LLC

11 B 51502

Evans Construction Company (“Evans”) filed a secured Mechanics Lien claim in the amount of $398,937.00 which represented amounts that were owed directly to Evans’ subcontractors. The Lender, Debtor's successor, objected to the claim, asserting a setoff for amounts paid...

Judge Donald R. Cassling
Date Issuedsort descending Description
05/16/2013 In re Daniel J. McQuaid and Alice M. Wood

12 B 34265

07/16/2013 In re LHC, LLC

13 B 7001

08/12/2013 David E. Grochocinski v. Ronald F. Morgan, Jr. (In re Ronald F. Morgan, Jr.)

09 B 42248, 11 A 00580

08/27/2013 In re Tires N Tracks, Inc.

13 B 05090

Judge A. Benjamin Goldgar
Date Issuedsort descending Description
05/21/2013 In re Robert C. Miller and Gwendolyn S. Miller

13 B 02178

05/29/2013 In re Felecia S. Garrett

11 B 15966

07/19/2013 In re Albert Speisman; First American Title Insurance Co. v. Albert Speisman

11 B 40604, 11 A 2682

08/08/2013 In re Enesco Group, Inc.; Enesco Group, Inc., et al. v. Leonard A. Campanaro, et al.

07 B 565, 11 A 402

Judge Timothy A. Barnes
Date Issuedsort descending Description
06/06/2013 In re Equipment Acquisition Resources, Inc.; William A. Brandt, Jr., solely in his capacity as Plan Administrator for Equipment Acquisition Resources, Inc. v. Plains Capital Leasing, LLC

09 B 39937, 11 A 02236

The court considers whether the causes of action raised by the Plaintiff in this instance, matters of avoidance under sections 544 and 548 of title 11 of the United States Code, state fraudulent conveyance law and federal preference law, are properly brought by...

06/19/2013 In re Friedman & Wexler, LLC; Illinois Student Assistance Commission v. Herzog, et al

11 B 27030, 12 A 01057

State court judgment creditor brought a complaint seeking declaratory judgment that three bank accounts that were the subject of or created by state court orders were not property of the Debtor’s estate. State court judgment creditor filed motioned for summary...

06/26/2013 In re Debra A. Morrow

12 B 26246

Condo association brought motion for relief from stay eight days after debtor’s chapter 13 plan was confirmed. Condo association alleged that an unexecuted prepetition order for possession and a default in postpetition, but preconfirmation, direct payments to creditor...

07/26/2013 In re Derrick A. Bovino

12 B 48031
Mortgagee bank brought a motion to dismiss for bad faith and a motion for relief from stay on three investment properties of the Debtor. Bank contended the infeasibility of the Debtor’s proposed plan, along with the Debtor’s conduct, including filing three bankruptcies...

08/08/2013 In re Victoria C. Quade

12 B 26779
Secured judgment creditor brought motion for stay pending appeal of prior court order avoiding its judicial lien on debtor’s exempt retirement accounts and denying creditor’s motion for relief from stay. The Bankruptcy Court held that pursuant to the four factors balanced...

Judge Thomas M. Lynch
Date Issuedsort descending Description
08/07/2013 In re 11447 Second St. I, LLC

12 B 84690
Creditor was entitled to relief from the automatic stay pursuant to 11 U.S.C. § 362(d)(2) with respect to a foreclosure on Debtor’s single asset shopping center because Debtors lacked equity in the shopping center and did not meet their burden to prove that the property was...