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Bankruptcy Court Liaison Committee

The Bankruptcy Court Liaison Committee was formed to promote communication about Court procedures, etiquette, filings and other issues, and to assist the Court and attorneys in creating a more efficient environment. Additionally, the Committee develops and sponsors education programs concerning issues affecting the bench, attorneys, financial institutions and consumers. The Committee also creates social opportunities to allow greater interaction between the Court and those who appear before it.
The Committee provides an opportunity to relay issues, concerns or ideas to the Committee –anonymously – through any of the Committee Members. The information will then be presented to the Bankruptcy Judges for their review and consideration.

BCLC Newsletter - Summer 2024

BCLC Statement of Purpose

Bankruptcy Court Liaison Committee Members

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The Bankruptcy Liaison Committee is unable to give individuals legal advice and as such, queries regarding specific pending, discharged, or potential bankruptcies will not receive a response.

If you are represented by an attorney, please contact him or her regarding your specific case.  If you are not represented by an attorney and have a question regarding your case, please contact the BK Help Desk: Bankruptcy Help Desk