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The Bankruptcy court for the Northern District of Illinois offers a database of opinions listed by year and judge. For a more detailed search, enter the keyword or case number in the search box above.

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Judge Timothy A. Barnes
Date Issuedsort descending Description
10/10/2012 In re Victoria C. Quade

12 B 26779
Upon the Judgment Creditor’s motion for relief from automatic stay and the Debtor’s motion to avoid the Judgment Creditor’s  liens as impairing exemption, held: (i) the Debtor’s ownership rights in funds that were in possession of third party were estate property, despite...

10/12/2012 KHI Liquidation Trust v. Wisenbaker Builder Services, Inc. and Wisenbaker Builder Services Ltd. (In re Kimball Hill, Inc., et al.)

08 B 10095, 10 A 00824
Upon the Defendant’s motion to dismiss the Chapter 11 Liquidation Trustee’s adversary proceeding to avoid alleged fraudulent or preferential transfers, citing Stern-challenges to constitutional grounds and failure to state cause of action on which relief could...

11/19/2012 In re Kimball Hill, Inc., et al.; KHI Liquidation Trust v. C. Goshy Enterprises, Inc.

08 B 10095, 10 A 00998
Upon the Defendant’s motion for summary judgment in the adversary proceeding brought by the Chapter 11 Liquidation Trustee to avoid and recover fraudulent and preferential transfers and disallow claims, held: (i) without evidence supporting an implied contract...

11/26/2012 In re Nachshon Draiman; Richard M. Fogel, not individually but solely as Chapter 7 Trustee for the Estate of Nachshon Draiman v. Ronald Shabat, et al.

09 B 17582, 12 A 00799
Upon the Defendants’ motion to dismiss the Chapter 7 trustee’s adversary complaints for failure to state a claim upon which relief may be granted and the statute of limitations contained in 11 U.S.C. § 546(a)(1), held: (i) the commencement of the adversary...

02/12/2013 In re Anthony P. Montalbano

09 B 30477

In considering the trustee’s objection with respect to claims pursuant to sections 502 of title 11, United States Code and Rule 3007 of the Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure, the court addresses the sole issue – one on which there is no direct binding case law in the...

Judge Janet S. Baer
Date Issuedsort descending Description
10/11/2012 In re: Nekessa Danyelle Johnson

11 B 45378

In re Nekessa Danyelle Johnson The debtor filed a motion to vacate the Court’s order of March 27, 2012, which disallowed her exemption in an adoption tax credit provided by the Internal Revenue Code (the “I.R.C.”) on the basis of the general “public assistance benefit”...

11/26/2012 In re: Phillip and Noreen Harris

12 B 12318

The debtors filed a motion to avoid a judicial lien pursuant to section 522(f)(1)(A). The parties did not dispute that the debtors could avoid the lien. The sole issue–one on which there is no binding case law in the Seventh Circuit–was whether the debtors must complete...

01/18/2013 In re: Perdido Romious; In re: James & Sylvia Watts

12 B 26203, 12 B 21218

Tax purchasers moved for relief from the automatic stay to continue with their petitions for issuance of a tax deed in the Circuit Court of Cook County. The issue before the Court was whether the debtors in these two cases could cure delinquent property taxes...

01/30/2013 In re Richard J. Klarchek

10 B 44866

The debtor moved for sanctions against TCF Bank pursuant to section 362(k) of the Bankruptcy Code, alleging that after he filed his bankruptcy petition, TCF willfully violated the automatic stay by proceeding with a state court lawsuit filed against him and other parties....

03/14/2013 In re: Brenda K. Rogers

10 B 57906

Counsel for the Debtor filed an amended fee application in this chapter 13 case. Notwithstanding counsel’s agreement to the flat fee pursuant to the Court-Approved Retention Agreement, he sought approval of a fee of $23,379, which was $19,879 over the court-authorized flat...

Chief Judge Jacqueline P. Cox
Date Issuedsort descending Description
10/16/2012 In re 4100 West Grand LLC; 4100 West Grand LLC v. TY Grand LLC

11 B 42873, 11 A 02278

4100 West Grand LLC, debtor in possession, filed this adversary proceeding against defendant, TY Grand LLC, to avoid and recover a transfer alleged to be fraudulent pursuant to 11 U.S.C. §§ 544, 548 and 740 ILL. COMP. STAT. §§ 160/5 and 160/6. As a threshold...

10/19/2012 In re Andres Gacharna and Catherine E. Lindsay

12 B 08807

In this Chapter 13 proceeding, the Court sustained Creditors’ objection to confirmation of Debtors’ Plan, holding that the Debtors’ obligations under a Settlement Agreement with a former employer (including a non-compete clause) were non-monetary in nature, and therefore...

01/10/2013 In re GAC Storage Lansing, LLC, et al.

11 B 40944 (jointly administered)

In this memorandum opinion, the Court denied confirmation of the Debtor’s Amended Plan of Reorganization. The Court noted that to satisfy the Bankruptcy Code’s requirement that the Debtor’s Plan be fair and equitable, a plan must propose an interest...

03/19/2013 In re GAC Storage El Monte, LLC, et al.

11 B 40944 (jointly administered)

In this memorandum opinion, the Court denied confirmation of the Debtor’s Third Amended Plan of Reorganization. The Court noted that to satisfy the Bankruptcy Code’s requirement that the Debtor’s Plan be fair and equitable, a plan must propose an...

Judge A. Benjamin Goldgar
Date Issuedsort descending Description
10/17/2012 Patrick James Ryan Patrick James Ryan v. United States of America

11 B 34346, 11 A 1793

11/28/2012 David G. Peregrin; Timothy D. Bowen v. David G. Peregrin

12 B 26800, 12 A 01464

03/27/2013 In re Scott M. Carlsen, Sr.

12 B 18047

04/03/2013 In re Jennifer W. Livermore Berger Schatz, LLP v. Jennifer W. Livermore

12 B 30720, 12 A 01689

Judge Donald R. Cassling
Date Issuedsort descending Description
11/28/2012 In re Sandra and Donald Arnold

12 B 11838

03/21/2013 In re Michael W. and Theresa C. Evon

10 B 16683