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In re: James A. Redmond
December 26, 2007

Judge A. Benjamin Goldgar

07 B 08536

07 B 06868

Judge Jack B. Schmetterer

Judge Jacqueline P. Cox

07 B 03856

Chapter 11 Debtor brought a motion to sell certain real estate. One principal of the Debtor had expressed his disapproval of the sale of the real estate as proposed in the motion to sell. The Court required that all principals of the Debtor must approve the sale. Debtor then moved for reconsideration of this ruling or in the alternative for an appointment of a trustee with limited power or an examiner with expanded power. On reconsideration, the Court found that all principals did not need to consent to the sale of the real estate. The Court also denied the Debtor's request for the appointment of a Trustee with limited power or an examiner with expanded power.

Chief Judge Pamela S. Hollis

In re: Gary Cole
November 15, 2007

06 B 08794, 06 A 01653

Creditor sued Chapter 7 debtor seeking denial of discharge under 11 USC 727 and exception from discharge of debt under 11 USC 523. Debtor did not list interest as president and owner of catering company on Schedule B to his bankruptcy petition. Debtor also failed to maintain and produce documentation of transactions relating to his interest in catering company. Held: Discharge denied under 11 USC 727(a)(4) and 11 USC 727(a)(3).

06 B 16620

Prepetition, movant purchased the unpaid real estate taxes due for Debtors' residence. Debtors filed for relief under Chapter 13 just prior to expiration of the redemption period. Debtors scheduled the tax debt for payment to the county, and confirmed a plan that provided for payment of the tax debt during the term of the plan. Movant sought relief from the stay to proceed in state court after expiration of the redemption period. HELD: Movant is a creditor and the tax debt is a secured claim that can be paid over time through a Chapter 13 plan. No cause to grant relief from stay and motion denied.