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Copies of Bankruptcy Documents

Copies of bankruptcy documents can be obtained in a variety of ways depending on when the case was filed and/or closed.

Beginning with 1998 cases and forward, copies of bankruptcy and adversary case documents are available through our electronic case filing system (ECF). Case documents can be viewed and printed from your computer. To access the information, you must have a PACER account. If you do not have a PACER account/password you can register for one on-line by clicking here No fee is owed until you accrue more than $30 of PACER usage in a quarterly billing cycle.

Once you have established an account and have your password you can access your case information in CM/ECF.

For copies of documents in older bankruptcy records (pre- 1998) for which there is no electronic record, only paper, you may obtain copies by contacting the Federal Records Center (FRC). You can either go to FRC, or you can request copies by mail.
Please click on the link below for more information.

You will need the following case information before contacting the FRC. To obtain this information for cases filed and closed in the Northern District of Illinois, Eastern Division (Chicago) please call 312-408-5000, Western Division (Rockford) 815- 987- 4350. Without this information the FRC will not be able to locate the case files you request.

FRC Accession Number
FRC Location Number
Box Number
Case File Number
Case File Name

Please call our customer service number at 312-408-5000 if you need further assistance.