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Judge Eugene R. Wedoff

Judge Donald R. Cassling

Judge Jack B. Schmetterer

Judge A. Benjamin Goldgar

In re Efoora, Inc.
June 6, 2012

09 B 20591

Judge Janet S. Baer

11 B 25828
Counsel for the Debtor filed an amended fee application in this small-business Chapter 13 case. Notwithstanding counsel’s agreement to the flat fee pursuant to the Court-Approved Retention Agreement, he sought approval of a fee of $14,550, which was $11,050 over the court-authorized flat fee. The issue before the Court was whether this case presented “extraordinary circumstances” that would warrant the additional fee. In reviewing both the history of activity in this case and counsel’s itemized time records, the Court found certain services to be extraordinary and others to be ordinary and within the scope of services contemplated by the Court-Approved Retention Agreement. The Court granted additional fees of $3,630 for extraordinary services and denied fees in excess of the $3,500 flat fee for the remaining services.