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Chief Judge Pamela S. Hollis

02 B 21522, 02 A 01086

The permanent injunction rejected by this court in September was amended to bar only those claims based on or derivative of injuries to the debtor or the estate, and the settlement agreement was approved.


In re: Willie L. Davis
October 27, 2003

03 B 01519

When a chapter 7 debtor redeems following conversion from chapter 13, under 11 USC 348(f)(1)(B) the redemption amount is the amount at which the allowed secured claim was valued in the confirmed chapter 13 plan.

02 B 21522, 02 A 01086

A permanent injunction in a settlement agreement, barring any and all claims against certain non-debtors, was not approved.

Judge Carol A. Doyle

Judge A. Benjamin Goldgar

Judge Jack B. Schmetterer

Judge Jacqueline P. Cox

In re Sandra Lee Wright
October 20, 2003

03 B 02687

Unsecured creditor moved to file a tardy proof of claim and to be included in the debtor’s chapter 13 plan. The creditor alleged that notice of the proof of claim filing deadline was sent to an incorrect address. The court held that it lacked authority under the Bankruptcy Code or the Bankruptcy Rules to grant the creditor’s request to file a late claim. The court further held that the Due Process Clause did not provide an equitable exception to the otherwise strict terms of the chapter 13 claims bar date because the Bankruptcy Code, when construed as a whole, provides other forms of relief to creditors who do not have actual knowledge of a bankruptcy case in time to exercise procedural rights essential for protecting their claims.

In re UAL Corporation
September 25, 2003