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Judge Jack B. Schmetterer

In re Leo Stoller
September 26, 2006

05 B 64075

Chief Judge Pamela S. Hollis

01 B 26090, (Jointly Administered), 02 A 01680

Reconsideration sought of opinion granting summary judgment to insurers in declaratory judgment action. Movants argued that the court erred in finding that Florida Statute Section 627.426, which requires insurers to advise insureds within 30 days that a coverage defense would be raised, did not apply. Held: Motion denied. An insurer's determination that a notice of circumstances is insufficient to trigger coverage under a claims-made policy is not a coverage defense and so compliance with section 627.426 was not required.

Judge Jacqueline P. Cox

05 B 27545, 06 A 00412

In re Teknek, LLC; Phillip Levey, Trustee v. Sheila Hamilton et al. Defendants, who are citizens of the United Kingdom, moved to dismiss Trustee’s adversary complaint for lack of personal jurisdiction or, in the alternative, on grounds of forum non conveniens. The court found under Bankruptcy Rule 7004, 28 U.S.C. § 1334(b) and the Fifth Amendment of the United States Constitution that it could exercise personal jurisdiction over the defendants. The court additionally held that even though insolvency proceedings were pending in the United Kingdom for a foreign company with essentially the same ownership structure as the chapter 7 debtor and that the United Kingdom would provide an adequate alternative forum, the balancing of private and public factors was such that dismissal based on forum non conveniens would not be appropriate.

In Re: Joseph S. Beale
October 16, 2006

04 B 08748
358 B.R. 744

Judge A. Benjamin Goldgar

05 B 22481, 05 A 01982