Winnebago County 341 Trustee Preferences

The preferences identified in the following charts are for informational purposes only and merely reflect a particular trustee's preferences. It does not expand or limit a trustee's discretion, nor does it expand or limit a debtor's duties to produce statutorily required information. If you have a question about the information in the chart, contact the trustee.

Winnebago County
Trustee Name List the preferred method for debtors to transmit the tax return, pay stubs and additional documents to you. State any informal practices you have established - e.g., meeting continued if documents not received within 48 hours of meeting, etc.
James Stevens Prefers email sent to: with reference of debtor name, case number and meeting date in subject line. Meeting will generally be continued if documents (tax returns and/or pay advices) are not received within 7 days prior to the meeting date.
Bernard Natale Prefers email sent to: with Case Number and Debtor Last Name in subject line. All documents must be received in Trustee's office (7) days prior to 341 meeting, or the meeting will be continued. Documents required are 60 days of paystubs or income information prior to filing and a copy of the last Federal tax return filed by the debtor with all schedules and statements included
Megan G. Heeg Prefers to receive documents by US Mail or email to Meeting is generally continued if documents are not received at least 72 hours in advance. Debtors should also bring to 341 meeting statements for each of the debtor's bank and investment accounts for the time period that includes petition date per FRBP 4002(b)(2)(B)
Stephen G. Balsley Prefers to receive documents by US Mail. Requires the last two (2) years of tax returns and 60 days of pay vouchers.
Joseph Olsen Prefers to receive documents (payroll, tax info) by US Mail or email to Requires documents to be sent at the time of filing of the petition to allow for the review and resolution of any issue prior to the 341 meeting.