Megacase Information - Kimball Hill, Inc.

Case No. 08-10095

Presiding Judge: The Honorable Timothy A. Barnes

Attorneys for Kimball Hill Trusts:

Mark L. Radtke, Gordon E. Gouveia,
Shaw Gussis Fishman Glantz Wolfson & Towbin LLC
321 N. Clark St., Suite 800
Chicago, IL 60654
Tel: 312-541-0151
Fax: 312-980-3888

The Claims, Noticing and Ballot Agent Information:

Kurtzman Carson Consultants LLC
2335 Alaska Avenue
El Segundo, CA 90245
phone 888-647-1744

Hotline: 888-647-1744 or 310-823-9000 or fax 310-823-9133


Case Procedure Information:
Please consult the administrative order, (procedures order) which has been docketed on the Kimball Hill bankruptcy case docket as document #2168.

Omnibus Court Dates:
View scheduled Hearing Dates

Pro Hac Vice Applications:
Applications should be accompanied by a check or money order payable to:
Clerk, United States District Court, Northern District of Illinois
Notice Procedures:
Every filing in the Kimball Hill bankruptcy case is subject to the notice procedures set for in Section B, paragraphs 5 through 17 of the procedures order.
Schedules and Statement of Affairs
These are due to be filed on or before June 9, 2008.
Requests to be added to Master Service List and 2002 list:
Parties who file notices of appearance and who desire to be added to the Master service list and 2002 list should make written request to that effect to the debtors.
Request can be sent via e-mail to: or