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Lake County 341 Trustee Preferences

The preferences identified in the following charts are for informational purposes only and merely reflect a particular trustee's preferences. It does not expand or limit a trustee's discretion, nor does it expand or limit a debtor's duties to produce statutorily required information. If you have a question about the information in the chart, contact the trustee.

Trustee Name List the preferred method for debtors to transmit the tax return, pay stubs and additional documents to you. State any informal practices you have established - e.g., meeting continued if documents not received within 48 hours of meeting, etc.
Joseph E. Cohen Prefers documents emailed through the Epiq Electronic Portal but also accepts email to both and
790 Estate Drive
Suite 180
Deerfield, IL 60015
Meeting is generally continued if documents are not received at least 7 days in advance. Sometimes will file a motion to dismiss if the attorney routinely never provides the required documents.
Ilene F. Goldstein Prefers documents by US mail or if late by overnight mail. Prefers documents 7 days in advance of the meeting but will accept them until about 48 hours ahead.