Judge Timothy A. Barnes - Motion/Adversary Schedule

Judge Barnes will not be sitting the following dates:

Hearings on Motions: 
Due to the COVID-19 public emergency, Judge Barnes's hearing schedule has been adjusted. Please read the court’s Third Amended General Order 20-03 for hearing times. Prior to October 13, 2020, hearings will be conducted by CourtSolutions. Please see the Second Amended General Order for procedures. Effective October 13, 20020 and until the Third Amended General Order is otherwise amended, all hearings will be conducted via Zoom. Please see Judge Barnes’s procedures for Information for Hearings via Zoom. All parties are expected to provide notice of hearings in accordance with the applicable General Order and in compliance with applicable statutes and rules.

If you will be setting more than Ten (10) Adversary Status Hearing Dates on a Bankruptcy Matter please contact the Judges Chambers for the Day and Time for said Hearing.