Court Calendar on the Go (Beta version)

The Court has added Quick Response Codes to its website.  Navigate to and use any QR Code scanning application to get the current day's Court Calendar on your mobile devices.

The mobile version of the Court Calendar provides links to navigate between all judges' calls.  The mobile version of the court calendar is updated every 20 minutes and has a timestamp indicating the last update time.  Just click refresh on your mobile device browser to get the latest information.

Very Important:  Calendar on the Go is still "Beta".  This means that, though it has been tested thoroughly by court staff, more "real world" feedback is necessary.  Your feedback and suggestions are heartily welcomed.  Please use the "Contact Us" area of the main Court page to send your thoughts.

While in Beta all users of Calendar on the Go should use it as an ancillary, not primary method of accessing judge court calendars.

End user documentation at this time is limited to iPhone.  The product will run properly on Android devices.  More "how to" information will be published as time permits regarding use on other smartphone platforms and browsers.

Many QR Code scanning applications open URLs within the scanning application itself but most scanning applications allow you to choose where you want URLs to open by default. We recommend opening URLs in your favorite browser so you can take advantage of bookmarks. Consult your device user manual and the scanning application help documentation to find out how to access application settings.  The following for iPhone users:


You can book mark the judges list or any judge's call to return to the call at a later time. Next time you open the call from your bookmark it will be updated with the latest information. Refer to your browser's help documentation for instructions on how to bookmark and refresh pages.