Judge Pamela S. Hollis - Opinions

In Re: David Vlcek
February 10, 2004

03 B 28311

Pursuant to 11 USC 110(i)(1), if a bankruptcy petition preparer has violated any part of section 110, the bankruptcy court shall certify that violation to the district court.

In re: Artra Group, Inc.
December 2, 2003

02 B 21522

An expert witness is not a "professional person" whose retention must be approved under 11 USC 327.


02 B 21522, 02 A 01086

The permanent injunction rejected by this court in September was amended to bar only those claims based on or derivative of injuries to the debtor or the estate, and the settlement agreement was approved.


In re: Willie L. Davis
October 27, 2003

03 B 01519

When a chapter 7 debtor redeems following conversion from chapter 13, under 11 USC 348(f)(1)(B) the redemption amount is the amount at which the allowed secured claim was valued in the confirmed chapter 13 plan.

02 B 21522, 02 A 01086

A permanent injunction in a settlement agreement, barring any and all claims against certain non-debtors, was not approved.

01 B 15312, 01 A 00800

Whether a subcontractor who rendered services to the debtor was entitled to a mechanics lien because the contracts involved were "project-specific."

02 B 42557

Mortgage deficiency judgment liens were avoided despite 11 USC 522(f)(2)(C), since deficiency judgments do not arise "out of a mortgage foreclosure."