Judge Jack B. Schmetterer

Courtroom 682
Chambers: (312) 435-5654

Courtroom Deputy: (312) 435-5655

Everett McKinley Dirksen United States Courthouse
219 South Dearborn Street
Chambers 600
Chicago, IL 60604

Until further notice and unless otherwise scheduled, all court calls will be held telephonically using AT&T in accordance with Third Amended General Order 20-03, and all trials and evidentiary hearings will be conducted electronically using Zoom for Government in accordance with General Order 20-05. Parties will not appear in court or in person. This Notice of Motion form must be used for matters scheduled for hearing in cases assigned to Judge Schmetterer only.
If translator is needed for case hearing, please notify chambers immediately at (312) 435-5654 with date of hearing and type of language needed so arrangements can be made for interpreter.
Court will not supply interpreters for use at evidentiary hearings or trials.

Staff Information

Dorothy Clay
Judicial Assistant

Matthew Utter
Courtroom Deputy

Dante Wen
Law Clerk

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