CM/ECF Versions 3.2 and 3.3

Electronic Learning Modules

These Electronic Learning Modules (ELM) have been designed to supplement and strengthen the student's mastery of CM/ECF. Each ELM is a short lesson covering a specific CM/ECF topic. They are designed to be taken at the student's own pace, but will generally take ten to fifteen minutes to complete. The topics will include a wide range of activities in the CM/ECF application, but are not intended to cover every possible activity. With the knowledge gained from these topics, the student can more easily extend their use of CM/ECF to the system's full capabilities.

System Requirements:

The local workstation must have the following in order to install and view these media based training segments:

  • Internet Explorer 6.0 or later with Flash Player 8.0 or later
  • Available disk space as indicated for each set
  • Screen resolution of 1024 x 768 and 256 colors or greater
  • Sound card with speakers or headphones

ELM Installation
All ELMs are packaged as executable (EXE) modules with InstallShield®. To download and view a module, follow these steps.

  • Select a module from the list of ELMs.
  • Click Run (Internet Explorer), or Save File (Firefox).
  • If you get a Security Warning, click Run again.
  • The InstallShield Wizard with take you through the steps to install the ELM.
  • The ELM will be installed in a folder called SDSD Programs on your computer’s desktop, unless you select a different location during installation.
  • When the Installation is complete, you may launch the ELM by doing the following:
  • Click the Start button.
  • Select All Programs.
  • Navigate to the SDSD Programs directory.
  • Click the ELM you wish to view.


Please revisit this Web page as future modules are completed and added.

Release 3.3

Notes for PACER Users

Version 3.3 ELMs (Attorney)
US Trustee Data Collection
View PDF 02/06/09 1.26 MB | View / Download ELM 02/06/09 13.3 MB

Version 3.3 Resource Materials
What's New in BK Release 3.3 for Attorneys 02/06/09 1.08 MB
What's New in BK Release 3.3 for PACER Users 02/06/09 804 KB


Release 3.2

Notes for PACER users

Version 3.2 ELMs (Attorney)
The New User Interface for CMECF 3.2
View/ Download ELM. Duration 6 min.
Enhanced Docket Report
View/Download ELM. Duration 12 min. | View PDF
Creating Cross-Document Hyperlinks in CM/ECF using Microsoft Word
View/Download ELM. Duration 12 min. | View PDF
Creating Cross-Document Hyperlinks in CM/ECF using Wordperfect
View/Download ELM. Duration 12 min. | View PDF